The Advantages of Sitecore over Umbraco

  • Databases: Umbraco has only one database Whereas Sitecore has three separate databases – Core, Master and Web. Master database – It contains all versions of any content or assets.    Core – it has all sitecore settings. Web database – It has only the latest published version which is driving the live website.
  • Enterprise Vs Mid – Sized Business: Always Sitecore is referred to an enterprise level but whereas Umbraco is for the Mid – Sized Businesses. According to web tracking tools, Sitecore holds a larger proportion of the internet’s top websites.
  • Marketing Tool: Clearly can be decided that Sitecore Digital Marketing System (DMS) offers marketing tools which allows web administrator to setup marketing automation, engagement analytics, etc. Umbraco has very limited scope in terms of marketing as they can be achieved by using some third-party packages.
  • Personalization: Sitecore has in built rules of engine which offers high level of control over personalized content whereas Umbraco also offers some personalization through some third-party packages but not up to mark.
  • Workflows: Workflow feature is very popular in Sitecore. Specially workflows are followed in the larger organizations who have multiple content editors. Content items need to undergo the workflow process automatically which requires management to access the quality of work before they are published and to be approved in order to make the content live. Workflows are pretty much used in the large organizations just to get hold of the content managed by one person instead of every one publishing the content. Again, Umbraco has very limited scope in terms of marketing as they can be achieved by using some third-party packages which is never ideal from a maintenance perspective.
  • Security Permissions: Sitecore offers more advanced security permissions which is very important for large organizations where the content is managed by multiple content editors. To achieve same as Sitecore in Umbraco its lot more work need to be done.
The Advantages of Sitecore over Umbraco

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